It is 2020: Service Matters

As a customer service nerd, I am continually observing the service I receive from the various companies I engage with as a customer. This past week I had two polar opposite experiences worth sharing. First up, a direct-to-consumer company that provides frozen smoothies delivered to your door – blend and enjoy. Perfect for those of … Continue reading It is 2020: Service Matters

Make your personal pivot…

“Transitions, pivots, and reinventions are likely to become the norm…” I enjoyed reading this Ellevest blog post as it not only resonated with my career but also with many conversations I have had recently with friends contemplating changes. As we all embrace innovation and technologies continue to disrupt industries, gone are the days of stability … Continue reading Make your personal pivot…

Compressive Disruption

Disruption. Most headlines these days share stories of explosive disruption – in emerging markets or emerging competition in existing markets. For example, the cannabis industry is an example of an emerging market whereas Uber is an example of disruption in an existing market. There are countless headlines covering examples of disruption in the marketplace. What … Continue reading Compressive Disruption


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