Social Media Workshop Facilitation:  A provincial not for profit organization had the objective to raise the level of awareness and knowledge for social media channels within the member agency group.  I helped this client by:

  • Preparing and executing a half day social media workshop to present recent trends and examples of how social media can be a transformational channel for not for profits
  • Facilitating various activities with the workshop attendees to practice the key messages being delivered and to stimulate the understanding of how the member agencies can work together to increase awareness in general within the province as well as in their individual communities

Angela did a fantastic job of describing popular social media tools and how they can be effective for non-profits.  Our organization left this workshop with simple strategies that will have an immediate impact and help us grow our online presence.  Highly recommended!    – Provincial Advocate

grey lineThree Year Strategy Refresh:  A provincial not for profit organization had executed various discussions with their Board to develop a new three-year plan and key objectives.  I helped this client by:

  • Reviewing the information and working with the Provincial Advocate to flush out details and create a quarterly action plan with measurable outcomes
  • Proposing a revised storyline for how the strategy could be best communicated and developing a PowerPoint presentation for the Provincial Advocate to use when updating the Board

Recently used Sage and Rae Solutions again to assist our organization in a review and renew of our strategic plan.  Angela was professional and her experience was very evident throughout the process.  We now have a well laid out plan with clear milestones and measurable outcomes that our organization can utilize to hold ourselves accountable to.  Another very satisfying work collaboration.   – Executive Director

grey lineLeadership Coaching:   A local not for profit organization was experiencing operational impacts due to a communication breakdown between key staff members.  I helped this client by:

  • Reviewing documentation of past communications to observe and gain an understanding of the challenges
  • Organizing my findings and recommendations to discuss directly with the Executive Director to provide and outside-in perspective on the party’s behaviours
  • Collaborating with the Executive Director to translate the recommendations into a personal improvement plan for each individual
  • Providing follow-up coaching discussions to support the Executive Director in preparing for and executing the conversations with the impacted parties

Angela was able to quickly review information to identify emotion, facts and underlying behavior patterns.  Her recommendations and support in creating the improvement plans was very beneficial as she brings in new ideas through her professional and collaborative approach.  – Executive Director

grey lineBusiness Case and Financial Projections:  A group of local entrepreneurs were interested in evaluating the opportunity to open a craft distillery in Kelowna.  I helped this client by:

  • Meeting with the various stakeholders to discuss and gain an understanding of their vision and its’ key concepts
  • Creating a Business Plan containing a detailed description of the opportunity, market & competitor analysis, five-year plan from pre-launch through to strategic growth milestones, sales forecasts and detailed financial projections
  • Reviewing information with the key stakeholders throughout the process to enable ongoing alignment to the assumptions and key decisions along the way