We deliver outstanding results by understanding your challenges and bringing forth innovative solutions to address the challenges and increase employee and customer satisfaction.


Operations Optimization

Are manual processes resulting in errors costing you money and customers? Do you need to take 10% or more out of your bottom line?

A successful business needs a dependable foundation of tools and processes to support employees in delivering the customer experience.  Sometimes the operational gaps are apparent, and other times, they are hidden deep within the day-to-day activities. We perform an end-to-end review of your operations as we move through your key processes, technologies, people and performance KPI’s.

Revenue Rejuvenation

Have your sales reached a plateau? Are you looking to increase revenues or introduce a new revenue stream?

Our five-point assessment uncovers current bottlenecks, identifies opportunities, and creates an improvement plan tailored to your unique business. Components covered in the evaluation are a review of your sales channels, digital footprint, brand position, value propositions, and customer loyalty measures.

OTHer services

Gilded Guidance

Sometimes we all need a helping hand. Someone to provide guidance, an objective opinion, or insert expertise to level set knowledge.

Sage & Rae Solutions supports and guides small and medium-sized businesses in preparing and making big decisions. Key examples of how we facilitate critical choices are:

Design and execute workshops with leadership teams to identify strategic objectives, translate the objectives into three to five-year strategic goals, identify milestones and define measurable outcomes.

Create an overall plan for the RFP process, execute requirements workshops with team members, document requirements, identify potential suppliers, create decision criteria, and support the leadership team through to the final decision (i.e., large capital purchases such as equipment or IT solutions).

Our support saves you time and reduces risk by enabling your business to make well-informed decisions.

B2B Social Media Services

We are past the tipping point. Internet and social media penetration mean now more than ever before; you need to be present across multiple digital spaces – and Business to Business (B2B) is no exception.  Why? Because your customers are researching you, searching online, seeing on social platforms if their friends or associates engage with you, reading customer reviews, and seeking out recommendations without your knowledge.

Sage & Rae Solutions supports B2B small businesses with a packaged solution aligned to their unique needs. First, we will evaluate and propose recommendations to reset your Social Media Strategy, including assessing which platforms are most relevant and useful for your business.  We will create content, monitor, and engage with the community to drive engagement. During monthly checkpoints, we will review performance against the objectives and discuss any adjustments.

Our support saves you time while growing your online presence.

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