Looking to invent, innovate, or improve your business?

Here are some examples of how our Business Consultancy Services can help:

  • Evaluate current operational performance (people, processes & technology)
  • Develop improvement plans aligned to your performance targets and with an achievable pace of change to enable your team to sustain the improvements
  • Collaborate and facilitate the process to define a new vision and strategic growth plan for your business
  • Provide leadership coaching and mentorship for individuals identified for future leadership positions
  • Execute a market assessment and competitor analysis for your product or service
  • Create your business plan, initial financial projections, and investor package materials when evaluating the start of a new business


Looking to execute and manage change effectively?

Here are some examples of how our Project Management Services can help:

  • Project management activities to help support the branding of your new company and establish your initial marketing materials (i.e., logo development, website creation, product branding, etc.)
  • Execute business analysis activities to gather cross-functional requirements and develop project proposals
  • Execute project management activities to plan, deliver and measure the benefits of completed projects
  • Provide project management and advisory services to support the identification and selection of Third-Party Providers (i.e., new system implementations)

Looking to extend & deepen your social media presence?

Social Media Services is a monthly package containing the following activities:

  • Evaluate and propose recommendations to reset your Social Media Strategy (including evaluation of which channels are most relevant and effective for your business)
  • Content creation, posting, monitoring and community engagement (including campaign development)
  • Coordination of additional service providers as required (i.e., photographers or graphic designers for custom content)
  • Monthly checkpoints to review scheduled content, discuss performance outcomes of the previous period, and finalize any changes to the upcoming period

When it comes to Social Media, there are many experts out there with various industry niches. Here at Sage & Rae Solutions, we focus on the following:

  • Independent Professionals such as Accountants, Bookkeepers, Lawyers, Notary, and Insurance
  • Small to Medium Businesses with a business to business focus

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