Compressive Disruption

Disruption. Most headlines these days share stories of explosive disruption – in emerging markets or emerging competition in existing markets. For example, the cannabis industry is an example of an emerging market whereas Uber is an example of disruption in an existing market. There are countless headlines covering examples of disruption in the marketplace. What often goes undiscussed is ‘compressive disruption,’ or, the challenge existing companies face in maintaining profitable operations. The wild card established organizations need to understand and manage are evolving consumer preferences, unpredictable purchasing power and how consumers are harnessing innovation to drive convenience and quality in their daily lives.

Watch this short video explaining a few examples of compressive disruption from the beer and airline industries. While less exciting, compressive disruption is perhaps the bigger obstacle to overcome. What are your thoughts?

My love affair with technology…

My love affair with reading the annual “Accenture Technology Vision” started many moons ago and continues to this day. The 2019 report is here and this year’s five trends are not for the faint of heart. The report hosts many bold statements around innovation and adoption which revolve around the emergence of the post-digital era. It is interesting to think that the post-digital era may be upon us, especially considering there are many organizations out there still trying to establish their digital capabilities.

One of my favourite statements from the report is, “In the post-digital world, every moment will represent a potential new market of one. It’s where demand is communicated instantly and gratification is expected immediately.”

Click here to read the full report – it is worth the read!